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How Leaptrade Credit Works

Trade the way you want! Leaptrade now offers both cash and credit trading to give you the freedom to pick what’s right for you. You decide how you want to trade your game - for cash, for credit, or for another game with Friend-to-Friend trading .

Leaptrade credit is the virtual currency used to trade your games here on Leaptrade. We created it to give gamers the lowest possible cost option for trading games. Using a virtual currency means we can pass the savings on to you with no listing or transaction fees. You only pay the shipping costs when you sell a game. And your credit is stored in your Leaptrade account to use to purchase games in the future - no PayPal account needed!

Benefits of Credit:

  • Lowest cost way to trade, no fees, only pay for shipping when sending out games.
  • Easy way to trade, can request games, no checkout required, games will just be mailed to you.
  • Free shipping for buyers.
  • Credit stays in Leaptrade for use later, don’t need a paypal account.
  • Can be used in friend to friend and digital trades.
  • Great low cost way to keep getting games from your list of "must play" titles.

Leaptrade credit allows you to request in advance the games you want to play, so that you’re in line for them as soon as they become available. It can take longer to get your games by doing this, but the great thing is that they’ll come to you automatically as soon as someone lists them - no checkout required. Credit gives you the easiest and most cost effective way to get games that you may have previously missed out on but still want to play.

How to tell if a game is listed for Credit?

Check for this symbol on game listings. If you see it, that means that the lowest price seller is selling that game for credit.